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How It Works

• Saturday July 14 - Set-up begins for staff and Classic Camping re-enactors. Camp will be open for set-up to those traveling. No food service available until Monday.

• Saturday and Sunday - Classic Demonstration Camp open to the general public. Participants are welcome to attend. A rotating schedule of short demonstrations, a walking tour of the camp, and re-enactments will be available from 9am - 6pm both days. Meals will be prepared as part of the demonstrations. Old photo reproduction set-ups will also be going on.

• Sunday Night - Symposium Opening - Orientation and Welcome

• Monday July 16 - Wednesday - Cook groups will prepare their meals over open fire each morning (M-W) starting at 7am. 

Symposiums will begin at 9am and go until Noon. Hands-on workshops run from 1pm - 5pm. Dinner will be provided at the main pavillion 6pm sharp. Evening Workshops - Camp workshops - blacksmith shop, knife shop, wood shop - will be open for evening crafting projects.


• Thursday - Friday July 20 - Participants will focus on one major project area - Stove Making, Pack Making, Fieldcraft, etc. Note - the event fee covers everything except a materials fee for major projects. Previously these ranged from $10 to $75 depending on which projects you chose to undertake. Advance sign-ups for these projects will be required so we can plan on materials and instructors.
• Friday Evening - Woodsmoke Closing Ceremony.

The Camp - The main circle is not a closed arena, but we would prefer that only traditional set-ups be included in the main ring itself until after the opening weekend. We want to create an authentic classic experience for the public. Sample camps - safari style, sheep camps, re-creations of classic photos will be available for display and touring. Participants are welcome to camp around the circle or along the river. A large shaded area just to the west of main circle and kitchen is also open for camping.​


Fires - Fires outside of the main circle should be contained in fire pans. This reduces our footprint and aids in a speedier clean-up. Firewood is available along with dead and down wood.  Note: This is private property so the cutting of green vegetation is allowed so long it is restricted to back in the overgrowth along the creek and is done with proper copicing ethics - no slash and burn please.​

Article courtesy of the

Teton Valley News

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