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We started Rabbitstick in 1988. The Society of Primitive Technology began in 1989, printing it's first publication, the Bulletin of Primitive Technology, in 1991. When those two entities arrived on the scene, it was like all the misfits in the world that thought their fascination with sticks and rocks was some sort of sickness, came out of the closet. They found a family; and Backtracks provided the chance to have a reunion twice a year.

In 2000 we released Camping In The Old StyleAt that time it was almost blasphemous to speak against the status quo in the outdoor industry.  Back then, you were either an expedition camper (backpacker, climber, etc.) or a car/family camper; all of whom depended on the latest and greatest gear to maintain the "look-don't-touch" philosophy of the day. Little did we know that when we started to talk about the impact that traditional skills had on us, and how important they were to preserve, that we would open a floodgate of travelers on the same trail who were looking for others just like them.

Woodsmoke is the place that we meet; this is a hands-on field of learning. There is only so much you can learn from books, videos, and discussion groups. Spending time with teachers and peers who are using the skills in the field cannot be ignored. You learn more, faster and deeper than you can in any other way.

But there is also a growing interest in on-line communication amongst those of us who need to share this passion with others. So join us for a discussion at our Facebook page (LIKE us so others can learn about Classic Camping), or follow us at our Camp and Trail X blog. Why the "X"? It's there to remind us that this is all a grand experiment; recapturing the oldways and putting them back into practical use, as well as refining some of the old texts that allowed woodcraft to be seen as impractical folly. 

Stay in touch. Let us know you're out there. Be a part of the discussion.

                        And help us Keep Traditions Alive !


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